SANTI SOFTWARE SERVICES LLP (3SLLP) is a IT Technology Consulting for the manufacturing companies. Our endeavor is to deliver & assist discrete & process manufacturing Industries with IT enable technology consulting to improve their overall  efficiency.  Industry 4.0 as the next phase in the digitization of the manufacturing sector, driven by four disruptions   Big data | Advanced analytics| Human-machine interfaces | Digital-to-physical transfer The four trends are not the reason for the “4.0,” however, rather, this is must be seen as a continuation in modern manufacturing, following the Lean Manufacturing in the 70s, the Outsourcing in the 90s, and the Automation in the 2000. To get the most out of Industry 4.0 technologies, companies will have to take a third step: Prepare for a digital transformation. Manufacturers should begin today to join the hunt for the best digital talent, and think about how to structure their digital journey. Data management and cybersecurity will be critical problems to solve.

SANTI SOFTWARE SERVICES LLP (3SLLP) as organization is partnering with global as well niche technology in the field of Digital Transformation of Design to Manufacturing collaboration, Design Validation and Optimization, Product Data & lifecycle Management ,Digital mapping and real time update at shop floor .


Customer will have the advantage by building the symbiotic relationship with “3SLLP" and  leverage

  • Our local market knowledge and industry expertise, 
  • Partnering with “Global Technology Leader” to deploy comprehensive solution to augment user’s productivity.
  • Offer right “Enterprise Solution & Consulting” to enhance operational efficiency
  • Create the right blend of resources to support customer for their business critical projects.
  • Develop & Support niche application to enhance user’s experience.
  • Service & Support critical IT infrastructure for the better utilization of various applications

Value Matrices

Every company is recognize by their “Product” first strategy. The New Product Development Process (NPD) is key for the creating competitive advantage in the global market space. We work very closely with end users to identify the key challenges in NPD process. Through  systematic engagement we help organization to :

  • Identify and advise best possible solution 
  • Installation of the software and lic. configuration.
  • Automation  tools & process to enhance the productivity.
  • Assessments to identify gaps in “AS IS PROCESS” and creating the road map for “TO IS PROCESS”.
  • Sharing best practices for the better utilization of software tools

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